Fight Against Fake Reviews Forever

    As we all know, the review is one of the most significant indicators of anyone, anything, or any website. A major of the crowd will check the reviews of the place where they want to travel, check the reviews of the restaurant where never have dinner, and check the review of the item what they want to buy but the store you never order. Reviews are really important to customers, they help customers to select if the item is they want. Reviews are also important to merchants, they push merchants to improve themselves. UWigs accept all the reviews whether they are negative or positive because customers’ reviews are the motivation to make us better.

    However, we found that there are many negative reviews on Trustpilot recently that hardly belonging to UWigs. UWigs is a young website that was established one years ago and got the first order on May 12th, 2020. Almost all the negative reviews were written before the date. We feel deeply wronged. How can we ship wigs out before we established the website?  The following pictures are some reviews before the date May 12th, 2020.



    We replied to every fake negative review and told them they wrote the review somewhere wrong, but two of them still haven’t believed us and updated their reviews. They thought the cheater just changed the name and continue defrauding. If we changed the name and continue cheating, we won’t reply to every negative review with politeness and patience that were two years ago. We know that they were cheated and hurt deeply, so it’s hard for them to believe. The only thing we can do is continue providing high-quality hairs and the best service. One day they will know that we are sincere with every customer and every order.fight against negative reviews forever


    Some of the reviews mentioned that they had ordered the wigs from or Ukiwiwig and remind people do not to buy from them. We know they are kind, but they should leave the reviews in the correct place. These reviews will mislead customers to believe is a bad website. We also checked the website mentioned in the review but we couldn't find them. They must cheat customers and do something evil, so they closed the website. UWigs also want to remind you that please check the website whether is legal and safe before you place an order. There are many websites with a similar name to us, but the only official website of UWigs Hair is


    There are also two reviews that were written after May 12th, 2020. The one bought wigs through Aliexpress, but we are independent with UWigs on Aliexpress. The other said she paid for express shipping to get the wig faster, but we never offer such a service. We usually ship the wigs by FedEx or DHL. If the customer needs the wig in a hurry, we will check with our New York warehouse if we have the wig that the customer needs first and ship it by USPS. It is free and it depends on the wig is in stock in our New York warehouse.fight_against_fake_review


    UWigs is always reliable and responsible. We only sell 100% virgin human hair wigs and provide professional service to every customer. If you do not know the difference between synthetic hair and human hair, please check this previous blog, it can help you. If you meet any problems with the wig you ordered, please be free to contact us. We will be responsible for every order on our website to the end. If you are interested in these negative reviews or want to write a review for us, please check this link to the reviews of UWigs on Trustpilot.

    UWigs will continue fighting against incorrect reviews on Trustpilot and maintain our reputation! We also very much appreciate every customer’s support and love. We are always trying to improve ourselves to become better.

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