Human Hair Wigs VS Synthetics Wigs

    There are two types of wigs on the market, one is human hair wigs, the other is synthetics wigs. How much do you know about them? What are the differences between them? Which one would you prefer?

    UWigs will introduce their features and help you choose a proper wig.

Features of Synthetics Wigs

    Synthetics wigs are much cheaper than human hair wigs, but the lasting time will be shorter than human hair wigs. Synthetics wigs are easy and convenient to install, which are beginner-friendly and you can save many time. However, we cannot change the color of synthetics wigs and the texture is not as good as the human hair wigs. If we use tool to make style of synthetics wigs, the wig will be fuzzy and tangled.

Features of Human Hair Wigs

    Human hair wigs look more natural and real, because wig are made of real human hairs. When you wear it, the wig is like your own hair. Also, human hair wigs can last for a long time with proper care. If you use the human hair wigs properly, and take good care of them, they can last for more than one year even two or three years. The other advantage of human hair wig is that you can do versatile styling you want. But be sure the temperature of tools should be 160 - 180 ℃ or 320 -360 ℉. Otherwise, it will damage to your hair.

    UWigs provides 100% virgin human hair wigs. Here are some hot sales.

Uwigs Highlight Brown Ombre 13x4 Straight Lace Front Human Hair Wigs with Baby Hair

    Each of them has their own advantages, the wigs you choose depends on your time, budget and your personal preference. But UWigs highly recommend human hair wigs. they are comfortable and make your look incredibly natural!


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