Why ear tabs are important on wigs?

    Hi, there, this is UWigs. When we wear wigs, most of the time, we don't often think about one important element- ear tabs. But we need to learn more about the different types of ear tabs and tips which will help us optimize our wig-wearing experienced. 

Why ear tabs are important on human hair wigs|UWigs

    Ear tabs come in several varieties, including closed-open velvet lined and silicone lined, each one can serve a purpose for the wear. Such as open ear tabs, allowing you to secure your glasses to your wig, velvet-lined preventing itchiness at the temple. 

    But the most important use for ear tabs is that they're included for guiding the placement of your wig. If they're at the same place on either side of your face, your lace wig is likely right where it's supposed to be. The wig is cut to reflect a natural hairline, so the tabs come down in front of the ears to provide the sideburn sections of hair. Most have a piece of metal or plastic inside to keep them nice and flat to your face. If they're winging out on either side of your face, you may not be achieving the most realistic look possible. 

    One common question we get is if the metal in the ear tabs sets off the x-ray machines at the airport. The answer is no. If your wig is made of high-quality materials, you should not have to worry about this aspect. You can wear your human hair wig on vacation without any doubt, you can wear it anywhere you want.

    If you have any other questions about ear tabs or would like to add anything, feel free to comment down below. Thanks for reading, and don't forget to subscribe.

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