Why do wig smells? Tips to keep wigs smelling fresh.

    Hey beauties, are you suffering from having a smell with your human hair wigs, especially in the hot summer. So today, I go over different things that can cause your wig to smell not so good and a few things you can do to help that.

    You cannot be lazy and expect your wig to smell fresh! So if you don’t know what you can do, just following the tips. 

Why do wig smells? Tips to keep wigs smelling fresh|UWigs

Why does your human hair wig stink?

    Only when we discover the cause of the problem can the problem be solved. First of all, we will talk about what would make your wig smell. 

Not have properly cleaning your hair and wig

    If you don't have the habit of washing your wigs and bio hair regularly, there is no doubt that it will be stinky. Your scalp will produce oil day by day. If you don’t wash your hair for a long time, it will cause the bacteria to grow. The bacteria that grow under your wig will make it have a smell, so that’s why your wig smells not so good.

The bad smell of things you use

    The second thing that may be causing your human hair wigs to smell is the things that you use, such as your silk scarves, your bonnets, and possibly your pillowcases.

Always sleep with your wig

    If you use got 2B glue to glue down your lace wig, you will sleep with your silk scarves to protect your wig. Therefore, you are not getting a lot of oxygen in there. Silk has this weird thing, it does where it repels moisture, so you may have a lot of sweat trapped inside the cap, so your wig will have a smell.

Tips To Keep Wigs Smelling Fresh.

    Tip 1: Starting at the root of the problem. You always need to wash your hair before you go into protective styling. Wash your hair thoroughly, deep clean your hair before you go into any kinds of protective styling, wigs, or weaves, whatever it may be.

    Tip 2: Besides, wash your wigs regularly, be sure to wash out all the residue on the hair and the wig cap, if you use the glue adhesive to glue your wig down. Get rid of all of the makeup, the got 2B glued, and anything else you may have put on your wig cap. 

    Tip 3: What you use can also make your wig having a smell. Therefore, make sure everything is thoroughly clean, wash those things regularly, Don’t wait until they start to smell, and then wash. The reason I say this is that we use many fibers to protect the hair. They do a good job of protecting the hair, but they also retain the smell. Silk notoriously holds on to smell, and it is difficult to get the smell out. So please be advised that you want to wash as often as you can. Make sure everything you use while sleeping is not smelly so that it would not transfer to your hair and your wig.

    Tip 4: Sleeping with a human hair wig for a long time can also cause odors on your wig. Because it is not breathable, so try to take off your wig as much as possible before sleeping to give your scalp and your wig a break.

    So this is why your wig smells not so good, and all the tips I can give you to solve this issue, I hope you find this blog helpful. If you want more information, please stay tuned. UWigs will provide you with more hair care and the new trendy human hair wig.

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