Why Are Human Hair Wigs Better Than Synthetic Hair Wigs?

    Hey beauties, welcome to UWigs. We have found that most people will much prefer virgin human hair wigs. So today, we will be talking about why human hair wigs beat synthetic wigs. At the same time, some of the points I will discuss are why human hair wigs are more durable, comfortable, customizable, and look more natural.

Why Are Human Hair Wigs Better Than Synthetic Hair Wigs|UWigs

    You will notice the difference between human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs. Human hair wigs look more natural because there is a lot of luster on synthetic fibers, while virgin hair wigs have no extra shine.

    Besides, human hair is much softer than synthetic hair. Everyone knows that synthetic hair is made of plastic materials, and the hair quality cannot be the same as that of virgin human hair.

    Virgin human hair is styleable, and it is versatile than synthetic hair wigs. We can color, bleach, and iron human hair wigs, but you really can't do these things on synthetic wigs. Artificial hair is heat-resistant, and it will be damaged by heat.  The reason people prefer virgin hair is that they can restyle it the way they want.

    Another key factor in human hair wigs is that they are more comfortable, softer, and easier to wear because they are soft and fit your head well. Therefore, human hair wigs are much better than synthetic wigs.

    Also, the life span of the human hair wig is much longer than the synthetic hair wig. The human hair wig can last for over one year, but a synthetic hair wig usually can not last for over a year with proper maintenance. Because we can co-wash and deep condition the human hair wig to rehabilitate it, but we can not renew synthetic fiber, as it is not a material that can be repaired.

    So that is why human hair wigs are much better than synthetic hair wigs. I hope you all find this blog helpful. Any other questions, please leave them in the comment section. We will try our best to help you get out of it. If you are looking for cheap human hair wigs, please visit www.uwigs.com, now we provide our subscribers with a special coupon of $16, coupon code: blog16.

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