Which type of wig is best for you to wear?

    Hey, beauties, this is UWigs. I know you are always confused about which one to choose when facing so many types of the wig. So today, we will talk about the difference between the different types of lace wigs at first. Because I know there's still a lot of people who don't understand the difference between them. Because some of them are very similar, so we will be going over the differences between a lace closure wig, a lace front wig, a full lace wig and a 360 lace wig. Then we can find out what is the best kind of wig to purchase.


The differences between the different types of wigs

    Lace wigs are wigs that you can customize to make them look as natural as possible, and the different types of wigs allow for different types of customization. 

lace closure wig 

    The lace closure wig is the most effortless wig. Those usually have a 4x4 or 5x5 parting space that you can customize. We can put the closure on the side or on the middle, so we have middle parts or whatever.

Lace front wig

    Lace frontal wigs are wigs where there's only lace in the front, which gives us the flexibility to customize the whole front of our hairline. However, we can part it wherever we want along the whole front, allowing us to put it up or put it in half up half down. We can do whatever we want to the front of our head. But the back of our head is just a regular wig, so we won't be able to put it all the way up into an updo. However, that allows us to have full customization throughout the whole hairline. 

Full lace wig 

    Full lace wigs are usually the most expensive wigs. Because they give you the most customization, like range, we can do almost anything with a full lace wig. We can braid them, put them up into a bun, part them anywhere we want on our head. The Full lace wig gives so many customization options. But every coin has two sides, it also needs much maintenance, so this is not a good choice for you if you want to wearing it when back to school. 

360 lace wig

    360 lace wigs are lace wigs which regularly wefted in the middle and have full customization around the whole hairline. Therefore, that allows you to put it up into a bun.

Which type of wig is best for you?

    If you want something where you can do whatever you want to. If you change your hair into all these different styles, like two ponytails, cornrows, all of that, a full lace wig is probably best for you or even a lace front wig, unless you're trying to put it all the way up. But I think the lace closure wig will be perfect if you are on a budget. 

    Hope this guide is helpful for you. UWigs supplies affordable human hair wigs. Visit www.uwigs.com to get cheap human hair lace wigs.

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