Whether We Can Wear Lace Wigs Every Day Without Taking It Off?

    Hi there, we are UWigs. Recently, we found that many customers have such confusion: is it OK to wear the lace front wig every day without taking it off? So today, we are talking about if you can wear a lace wig every day?

Whether We Can Wear Lace Wigs Every Day Without Taking It Off

Q: Whether we can wear a lace wig every day without taking it off?

A: The short answer to this question is yes, we actually can wear a wig every day. However, there are ways to do to make your edges do not get snatched in the process.

Q: How to make sure the edges do not get snatched when wearing the lace wig?

A: If we are an avid wig lover and you often wear a wig every day without taking it off, the flowing is what we need to do.

  1. For those who wear lace wigs a lot every day, we need to make sure that we use human hair wigs, which involve adhesive generally. If you do not like taking your lace wigs off every night, we highly suggest that you test the glue adhesive that you will use. You might be sensitive to it on contact, even for a couple of days. Testing the glue adhesive before using, so that you don't cause any damage if you find that you're sensitive. then you can use things like the elastic band method, which is just a glueless wig, or you can go the round of just using got to be glue because it's a gel, not an actual glue, you can take it off at night and reapply it the next day, so it's not like super permanent the way glue adhesive is, but it will allow you to tack it down well.
  2. Make sure to remove the lace wig properly. Please don’t pull and tugging it, or just ripping these wigs off, cause it will pretty much waxing the edges by this way. We've laid glue adhesive or even got to be glued down on the hairline, a little bit of baby hair might be cut depending on the size ear for hip, but when we just ripping the lace wig off and we just rip it up, we're essentially waxing the hairline, that's how we end up losing our edges. Use the glue remover or use rubbing alcohol, which is typically the generic way to get any lace piece off the head, and make sure to correctly remove the lace wig instead of just pulling it off. So those tips right there mostly apply to the virgin human hair lace wigs.
  3. When it comes to synthetic lace wigs, we would not recommend gluing them down with the adhesive because we do not want to sleep in this. We can put a synthetic lace wig on by the adjustable straps in the back or use the combs in the front, so there is no glue to worry about with the lace part.

    Yes, we can wear a wig every day if you so choose. But we would recommend letting it breathe for a second sometimes, and make sure to remove the lace wigs gently. Otherwise, it will cause damage to your hairline.

    If you are searching for cheap lace wigs, UWigs will be your best choice. We always provide you with the highest cost-effective products and superior service.

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