When should I replace my human hair wig?

    Nowadays, Human hair wigs are becoming more and more popular all over the world, which can make our life easier, we can get a perfect hairstyle in an instant, it gives everyone a chance to try a variety of hairstyles. 

When should I replace my human hair wig|UWigs

    Human hair wigs can last longer than synthetic wigs. Its lifespan is usually 1-2 years which depending on the frequency of use and care. As a wig wearer, do you know when you should replace your human hair wig? So here are a few indicators that are the time for you to replace your wig.

    First, it no longer maintains its style. Usually, the hairstyle can last for a period with proper maintenance. The hairstyle will no longer hold after the repeating wash. So it’s critical to wash your human hair wig properly. If you don’t know how to keep the style longer, you can ask your hairstylist to take care of it.

    Second, when the hair loses its shine and becomes so dull or can not be repaired. Healthy human hair is shiny, but you can’t be expected your virgin hair wig to stay healthy if you have not taken good care of it. If you don’t know how to take care of your human hair wig, you can read our previous blog, and stay tuned, we have shared with you some hair care tips.

    Third, the ends are frayed and split throughout the entirety of the piece. Your hair needs nutrition. When your human hair wig does not have nutrients, it will become fragile, the fiber is frizzy and dry, then it will get matted or tangled much easy than when you first bought it. So please regularly put on some products on your human hair wig to keep it moisture and nutrition. 

    Fifth, the wig cap becomes stretched out and no longer fits properly. The wig is expendable. Wearing it for a long time will damage your hair and wig cap to a certain extent. When you find that your wig cap no longer suits you, it means you need a new one.

    Sixth, your wig is experiencing a significant shedding and is beyond a stylist or manufacturer adding fiber back into it. If your lace is stretched, or your monofilament is torn, be sure to get a consultation from your local wig salon to see if it can be repaired before throwing it out.

    Human hair wigs are not such affordable as synthetic hair wigs. So you need to pay more attention to the daily wearing and the wig maintenance to keep it last longer. Your wig can’t last forever, but most damage done is preventable by regularly washing, conditioning, and combing through your pieces, make sure to do your best to keep your human hair wig last longer.

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