What They Don’t Tell You About Fake Scalp Wigs!

    Hi there, this is UWigs. I know you all are looking for the most natural-looking human  hair wig, so the fake scalp wig is more on-trend these days. But do you know the secret about the fake scalp wig? Here are things you need to know about the fake scalp wig, but almost no one will tell you.

    The hair quality is getting better and better with the development of the technology, the hair is not so easy to get tangled, so the fake scalp becomes the most request for people. 

What They Don’t Tell You About Fake Scalp Wigs|UWigs

    First of all, we need to know what is fake scalp wig. The fake scalp wig is a wig that has a piece of fabric on the inside of the wig, which is a mimics scalp. There are some arguments about whether should wear a wig cap while wearing the fake scalp wig. If you are planning to order a fake scalp wig, there are some things you need to know before.

Part it anywhere

   You can part anywhere you want with your fake scalp wig. Not only do the middle part but also the side part, arc part, whatever. 

Be careful not to expose the scalp

    If you are a person who likes plucking the hair to make it look more natural, you have to be extra cautious, because there is a piece of fabric underneath your unit.

Knots bleaching has limits 

    There is a fabric on the inside of the wig, so the lace part that you can be bleaching is not super wide. Usually, you will only have small pieces that allow you to bleach, so that even a wig beginner can deal with them, really beginner-friendly. 

A wig cap for protection if you don’t cut out combs

    With a fake scalp wig, it’s not a must to wearing a wig cap, but I do recommend using a wig cap if you are using the comb in the wig. The wig cap will help to protect your hair. Or you can cut down the comb in the wig and use an elastic band to fix the wig in the place.

There is a clear demarcation line

    When you look at the inside of this wig, you will find a clear dividing line between lace and fabric. You can see where the lace part is and where the fabric part is. It will give you a fake scalp even though you have not put any concealer on the parting line. Of course, you can use concealer to make it look more natural. 

    So here is what they don’t tell you about the fake scalp wig, hope you find it helpful, and now you can enjoy a $16 coupon if you order a human hair wig from UWigs. Don’t miss this coupon if you want to order a new wig, coupon code: BLOG16.

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