What Kinds Of Lace Wig Is Best For Beginners?

    Hi there, we are UWigs. We have got a lot of questions from our customer that on how to choose the correct wig? It seems that lots of wig beginners still don't know how to select the most suitable lace wigs. So today, we are going to show you the difference in each style of the lace wig. We will tell you why you should choose it or which one is for you. We will brutally honest about every single type of unit to help you make the best decision. We believe that it should help solve many questions, so keep on reading.

Styles Of Human Hair Lace Wigs

     First of all, the names of different types of lace wigs are according to the lace on the wig, which is the area that we can make a part; it looks just like our skull. In summary, there are four styles of human hair lace wigs in the hair market, lace closure wigs, lace front wigs, full lace wigs, and T part lace wigs.

Lace Closure Wig

    The first wig we will discuss is the lace closure wig. Most people love this wig, but it's the most enquired. Because people are wondering if it is convenient? Can I part in different ways, and can I fit in a ponytail? 

    We think that the lace closure wig is the most convenient unit; it's beginners friendly. If you're a working woman, you're a mom, you don't know how to do too much to your hair, or you need a get-up-and-go wig, the human hair lace closure wig is your unit. 

    The human hair lace closure wig came with combs and was made by the sewing machine on a breathable cap. With a lace closure wig, we cannot go in a ponytail. There is only a tiny parting space part at the front of the wig, so we cannot be parting anywhere we want, but we think that the parting space is enough for a wig beginner.

UWigs lace closure wigs

Lace Front Wig

    The lace front wig is a wig that has lace from ear to ear, there are different sizes of lace front wigs, but the 13x4 lace front wig is the most popular one with girls. The frontal means only lace on the front and traces on the back. Although it can be worn glueless, most people would like to glue this wig down or use some adhesive.

    When talking about convenience for lace front wigs, it is not so convenient as the lace closure wigs. We need to take some time to slay down this wig, and we have to do something to this lace, whether it's glueless or whether adhesive tape, glue, or spray gel; we also need to do something to the edges.

UWigs lace front wigs

Full Lace Wig And Glueless Full Lace Wig

    A full lace wig means that the entire wig is basically made of lace and absolutely no tracks. full lace wig has absolutely no combs, no straps, and nothing has to be glued all the way around from the front to the back ear. But for a glueless full lace wig, there are combs and straps inside the wig cup to stop it from sliding, so we can install it in the glueless method. 

    Full lace wigs allow you to part anywhere, wear a ponytail to wear a bun, anything. If you're going to wear it in a ponytail with a glueless full lace wig, we suggest getting the back to sew down and have some adhesive or something in the front. 

full lace wigs

    To recap what we've discussed today, in terms of convenience. The lace closure wig is the most convenient way to wear; the lace front wig is less convenient than the lace closure wig; then, the glueless full lace wig and the full lace wig are the next. All kinds of lace wigs need to styled again when we get it; it has to be packaged and shipped, curls won't hold, and other styles won't hold, so we have to style again.

    When we're talking about what units will last longer, it also goes in the same order as the most convenient; a lace closure unit will last literally like two years. The bigger the lace, the more it sheds. I mean that lace is pieces of hair tied into a knot on a lace. If you're bleaching the knots, you are damaging the knots; you are making it weaker; therefore, it will shed more because you have weakened the knots to have a more natural look. Because of that, hair on the lace shed more than the hair on the tracks is double stone weft it a hundred times. So they don't share as much. That's why the lace wig with tracks will last longer than a wig with all lace. 

    We have given you a quick little run-down on lace wigs to make you have a better understanding of the human hair lace wigs. We hope that this blog should help you out and all of you enjoyed it. If you want to get more information, please contact us. UWigs will provide you with cheap lace wigs and the best services!

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