What can you do and can't do on human hair wig?

    Hi, there. This is UWigs. Nowadays, there are more and more wig wearers worldwide, but many of you may not well know how to take care of the human hair wig properly. So today, we are going to share you with some hair care tips. Hope you enjoy this blog.

What can you do and can't do on your human hair wig|UWigs

    Tip 1: The first tip is do not use excessive heat on your human hair wig; do not curl your wig every day. Besides, do not use a temperature higher than 350 degrees. Always use a heat protector when you're going to do any heat styling.

    Tip 2: Avoid using a blow dryer on your virgin hair wig. It will harm your hair, especially with the hot setting. It will cause your hair to be dry and frizzy, which is not what we want. So avoid blow-drying your virgin human hair wig as much as possible.

    Tip 3: Never tug and manipulate your wig when moving it around. Make sure that you pull it to uplift it forward and shift it to wherever you want your wig to go.

    Tip 4: Dry shampoo helps eliminate any odors remove any build-up that you might have in your wig. But it is not a complete substitute for washing. You can dry shampoo your wig once a week and wash it the next week.

    Tip 5: When it comes to brushing the hair, use a wide-tooth comb or Denman brush would be better. Make sure you start at the ends and work your way to the root. 

    Tip 6: When you want to lay down those baby hairs or even flyaways, use a nice foam setting mousse, and you can also use this on your curly hair wigs. The other thing that you can use for flyaways is a wax stick. Please no heavy oils on your wigs. It will cause a lot of build-ups which will make your wig shed and tangle. What we recommend using is a shiny mist or an oil plex. 

    Tip 7: When you're sleeping in your human hair wig, make sure that you don't sleep in your wig all willy-nilly. Make sure that you wear your satin bonnet to protect your hair from messy and detangle.

    Tip 8: Less is more. It would be best if you didn't have to do a lot of manipulating or putting on the product every day. Because too many products are not good for hair maintenance, it may cause product build-up, so remember, less is more.

    Tip 9: There's one simple rule when wearing a wig: be confident. No one cares that you have on a wig, and if they do, be confident in yourself and don't care about what others think. Keep walking with confidence walk with your head held high.

    That's all tips for you. I hope you enjoy this blog. UWigs is on back to school sale. If you want to purchase cheap human hair wigs, please visit www.uwigs.com to get more information.

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