What you should know before dying your hair

Some girls would like to change their hair color and dye it when they get bored with the natural hair color. But what do you know about dying your hair? UWigs settled some tips you should know before you dye your natural hair.

  1. Make sure that your hair is healthy when you are dying it. If your hair has been damaged already and you are going to color it, it will increase the chances of your hair becoming more damaged.
  2. You need tomake sure that you are taking care of your hair because hair health is extremely important. For example, you need to do condition every single time whether you wash your hair how many times a week. This routine will keep the hair simple and real smooth which could make your hair healthy.
  3. This is one of the big tips: you do not need to permanently dye your hair to maintain your color. For example, if your hair is already dyed and this color was to fade, you can use semi-permanent hair color and it will not damage your hair. You can even mix in a deep conditioner with that semi-permanent hair color and do not have to go crazy and dye your hair again.
  4. If you are going to dying your color with semi-permanent, the color should be darker than your natural color. If your hair is dark brown, you cannot use semi-permanent hair color to dye your hair and it will not take because the red is lighter than the brown. You may be able to see a tint of red in the Sun but you will not be able to see red like you want.


UWigs really hopes these tips could be helpful for you if you decide to dye your hair and don’t want to hurt your hair.

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