Tips to make a lace wig beautiful within five minutes

    Hey beauties, how many times have you brought a brand new lace wig out of the box and immediately decided that it's not going to look beautiful on you. This case would happen most often on wig beginners. So I will show you how to work that wig and take it from box to beautiful in less than five minutes.

    Kindly reminder: Please do not try any of these things that I will demonstrate to you today if you plan on returning it, as this may jeopardize your return. So once the wig is out of the box, you've looked at it, inspected it and determined if you want to keep it.

Tips to make a lace wig beautiful within five minutes|UWigs

Tip 1: Shake that lace wig

    The first thing I recommend you to do is shake it out once you take it out of the box. You may confuse why we do we do that? We do that to loosen the fibers from the cap during the manufacturing process. They get stuck kind of vacuumed into that cap. We need to bring air into the cap and separate the fibers to release the natural beauty and movement of the wig. So giving it some vigorous shakes right out of the box is going to make a big difference.

Tip 2: Backcomb the hair at the base of the cap to free the fiber

    When you do get a brand new wig out of the box, and you decide to keep it. Turn it upside down, use a wig-safe brush or comb, get right down to the root and pull those fibers out from the cap in an outward movement gentle. Please do this at the root part. It is all that's needed. Because they're tightly bound to that cap, so by setting them free, you're going to create a little bit of separation. You're going to bring those fibers to life. It's going to help you flesh out that style a little bit easier as well.

Tip 3: Work the front first

    Now when you put on the human hair lace wig, it's not what we want. So the first thing we need to do is work that front according to your taste and preferences, whether it's a lace front wig or lace closure wig.

    First, we need to find out the best parting space, which divides the hair and frame your face in the way you like. Then, gently swirl at the lace front a little bit, loosening up those fibers. Finally, use heat from hands to shape and contour the front and layers around the face.

Tip 4: Setting the fiber-free and fleshing out the true style of the wig

    The shaggy hair looks better, so I suggest getting your fingers in the hair root and pick and fluff, bringing air into the layering. It separates the layering brings out any of the texture of the style and the curl. It's not quite a combing. It's just a quick pick and fluff.

    Hope you find these tips helpful. If you are looking for a cheap human hair wig, why not try UWigs affordable lace wig? Surprise discounts and gifts are waiting for you.

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