Tips on how to wearing lace wigs without makeup

    Hi there, this is UWigs. some of our customers tell me sometimes they don't want to be full faces and wish to apply a wig that will look natural without foundation, without all that powder. So we found a straightforward method to do, which is very easy and will give you a very realistic look, and we will show you in this blog. Keep on reading, we think that will help you own foundation free.

Tips on how to wearing lace wigs without makeup| UWigs

How to naturally slay the lace wigs with no makeup

 Lace is essential

    When it comes to no foundation with a lace wig, we need to think about the lace first. The lace plays a considerable part in camouflaging the wig. we have to understand if we're trying to get more of a seamless look, we need to pay attention to what lace we're using. Our suggestion is to get a wig with Swiss lace.

    Swiss lace blends seamlessly and is slightly tinted, so it doesn't have that ashless effect, and with Swiss lace, you can make it darker. Some people will think that why not use the HD lace. HD lace is the most invisible, but, at the same time, it is not as durable. So if you are not a professional or someone familiar with lace wigs, then we would not suggest HD lace. Because although HD lace is super invisible, the lace is so thin that means it's more fragile; therefore, if you are rough, if you are pulling too hard plucking, too hard parting, too hard combing, or combing from the roots. You are either going to rip the lace or tear all of the hair off of the lace, and then you will have a hole or a ball spot, which is why we would not suggest HD lace, because, first, Swiss lace is more durable than HD lace, and two it looks better than french lace. So we would recommend Swiss lace if you are going for a no-makeup look. It's not as thin as this HD lace, but it's thin enough to get away with no foundation.

Cut the lace as close to the hairline as possible

    So when installing the lace wig, we have to pay attention to cutting the lace as close to the hairline as possible so that we don't have any like extra lace showing; most of it will be covered by hair.

Baby hair

    Some baby hair would make it look more realistic, so if you grasp how to create a natural hairline, we recommend creating some baby hair, which will give you a realistic look.

    I hope you all enjoyed this article; if you have any questions or if you want to get more information about UWigs virgin human hair lace wigs, go ahead and contact us.

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