Tips for wear wig when taking the flight

    Hey, beauties, this is UWigs. Wearing wigs at the airport may seem like a bit of a hassle, but with a few simple tips, you will be able to travel in style in no time.

    When you pick out which wig to wear to your local air travel destination, there are a few factors to keep in mind: coolness, comfort-ability, and quality.

Tips for wear wig when taking the flight|UWigs

    If you are more prone to get hot. An open webbed cap is going to suit your needs best. With spaces in the wig cap for the breeze to pass through, your scalp will stay happy throughout your entire trip. Wear a comfortable lace wig at the airport, especially when you are experiencing hair loss. Comfort will be the most vital factor for you.

    Wear something with a double monofilament top and velvet-lined ear tabs to reduce itchiness, or a hand-tied cap to allow some stretch for comfort.

    In terms of quality, it does not need to wear the most expensive Remy human hair wig to the airport. TSA sometimes still has to touch the fiber of whatever you are wearing.

    Besides, when sitting at the seat for hours in the airplane, your hair tends to rub against cloth-lined airplane seats, then it will get matted. The synthetic fiber is not heating-friendly, so it will be the ideal wig to wear when you want to traveling by plane.

    In addition, one tip is to bring a carry-on spray bottle of detangling or smoothing spray into a wide-tooth comb, and your carry-on to smooth out your wig upon landing.

    Going through security is the most daunting part of wearing wigs to the airport. The thought of having to take off your wig and be searched is even more unsettling than some people's worst nightmares. If you have the option of going through the x-ray machine, op for that, as you may not have to take off your piece. When you approach security, it's okay to politely ask the TSA employee to be careful when searching your wig. or that you'd like to hold it down in the back while they search underneath and through it.

    When packing your lace wigs into a carry-on, make sure to pack them in a way that they can gently be removed if asked to do so. The rescue bag is a great way to travel with multiple wigs at once in your carry-on luggage.

    We hope you learned a few tips on reducing the stress of wearing wigs when flying. You can find all the airport-friendly cheap human hair wigs featured on

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