Tips for deep conditioning human hair wigs

    Hey, beauties, this is UWigs. Wash and conditioner is one of the most vital parts of human hair wig care. Today, we will show you some tips about human hair  wig conditioning to help you avoid some of the most common mistakes.

Tips for deep conditioning human hair wigs|UWigs

How often should we deep condition our human hair wig?

    Regular shampooing and deep conditioning are the keys to keeping the human hair wig healthy and long-lasting. It is no need to wash and condition too frequently. Washing and conditioning too often will also cause hair damage. Usually, we need to wash and condition our wigs after every six to eight wear, and deep condition after every three to five washes. 

What do we need to pay attention to when deep conditioning?

    There's a trick to deep conditioning. Don't add the conditioner into the knots. The reason why I say that is because if you deep condition those knots, they are going to get all slippery and slick, and then before you know it, your human hair lace wig will start losing hair.

    After you wash your wig, if you want to attach it to your blockhead, you would better cover your canvas blockhead with a plastic bag. Cause you don't want to get gunked up with a bunch of conditioning products. 

    Cover the head in a plastic bag or use saran wrap if you want. Then pin your lace wig to your blockhead. Get some small t-pins so that you can fix the wig in place. Pin it at the top and bottom of the ear tabs, and then one on each side of the nape. Be very careful!Not to stretch out the cap when putting it on the block header. The last thing you need to do is get out your paddle brush and remove tangles from your human hair wig.

    Apply argan conditioner on the hair again. Please remember, do not apply conditioner to the root concentrate on the hair end. Work it through the hair from the mid-length through the ends. Concentrate on these hair tips, Because the hair ends are coming into contact with your clothes, so that's where you get the most friction. Therefore it needs the most attention. 

    Taking out your blow-dryer and apply medium heat all over, then let it cool. The reason for heating hair when there is conditioner on it is. While heating, the cuticles will open, and the hair will swell, which will help soak up that moisture. Heating will also increase the amount of product absorbed by the hair, so you should put the shower cap and conditioner on the hairpin for about 15 to 30 minutes to allow everything to be fully soaked. Finally, rinse it with cool running water from the roots to the ends.

    Now, you may ask yourself why you need to deep condition? The purpose of deep conditioning is to extend the life of your human hair wig, and it will not make the hair end up feeling like straw, so it will also help keep the color longer.

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