Tips for creating the most natural look with lace wigs

    Every girl wants a more natural look when it comes to wearing wigs. Therefore we will share some wigs tips for a realistic look today.

Tips for creating the most natural look with lace wigs |UWigs

Hair texture

    There are mainly two kinds of wigs in the hair market: human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs. The human hair lace wig provides a more natural look because it's made of virgin hair, with the same feature as virgin human hair. Therefore, it falls and sways like natural hair. In addition, it can be blenched, curled and ironed. UWigs provides affordable, high-quality virgin human hair lace wig, which is 100% unprocessed. 

Rooted colors 

    For most people, rooted colors make all the difference. Rooted colors in a wig give dimension and illusion of the hair growing right out of the scalp. For those of you who have a favorite wig but it doesn't come in a rooted color, I recommend getting a blend of two colors; that way, it gives you dimension and looks more natural. 

Lace front and monofilament

    Lace front and monofilament are the keys to a most natural look. Human hair lace wigs can offer various styles that come with these qualities without having to spend a fortune. Although it's not necessarily to buy the most expensive wig to achieve a natural look, a lace front wig will give us a very natural-looking hairline. In addition, the monofilament will give the illusion of hair growing right out of our scalp, where it's parted. Use hair powder to temper the shine. Make sure to condition the ends. Last but not least, use the product; this will make it easier when styling the human hair lace wig and customize it to make it like our natural hair. 

Friction and heat

    Now, if there are tons of flyaways on the lace wig, here's a trick to smooth them down. First, warm hands together to create friction and heat; once we feel warm, place it on top, and this will help smooth down any unnecessary fibers sticking up, then take our hands and smooth them down. 


    where we wear the lace wig will make a massive difference in how natural it looks. It will be noticeable if it's too far down on our forehead, so we want to pull it back just a little bit right where our natural hairline begins. Most importantly, make sure to have the right wig size, then we recommend wearing either a nylon or mesh cap underneath; this will help conceal your natural hair and help prevent any hair from falling out under the wig. If you don't have any hair and try to figure out where your hairline would be. Use this method; we call it the 90-degree angle. Hold one hand in front of your face and put the other hand on top, so where the fingertips meet will be right where our hairline is. 

Properly maintain

    The human hair lace wig will look natural and shiny only if it's well maintained. So it's crucial to maintain our lace wig properly, wash it regularly and gently, and of course, we need to store it properly too.

    So that's all tips for creating a natural look with the human hair lace wig. Buy high-quality virgin human hair wigs; please visit UWigs online store.

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