Tips for a natural lace wig application

    Hello, knowing that for many wig beginners, it’s not easy to slay down a lace wig at home, but it’s too troublesome to go to the hair salon, so today I will share some tips on how to achieve flawless human hair lace wig application with you.

Tips for a natural lace wig application|UWigs

    Tip 1: If you have a good lace, it would be better to switch to a black wig cap instead of a flesh-tone one. In my opinion, unless you are doing the ball cap method, it is best to use a black wig cap because it will not show through your lace.

    Tip 2: When you are cutting your lace, I would recommend going in a zigzag motion. Because it will make your application look a lot more seamless and natural, not super straight hairline, there is no one's hairline is bone straight, it’s a little bit strange. 

    Tip 3: Clean off your forehead with alcohol or whatever you prefer to clean your forehead off before you use the adhesive or got 2B glue. Because you don't want any of that makeup to get in your human hair lace wig application. 

    Tip 4: We highly suggest you apply your got 2B glue or whatever you decide to use with a rat tail comb. We recommend not to using your hands, because it will get messy, so that it would be better to use something to apply the adhesive.

    Tip 5: When it comes to using the blow dryer, that would be better to use a combination of cool air and heat. Some people use only cool air, but that can not give you the best experience. So get a blow dryer that has cool and heat settings on it.

    Tip 6: Use a wax stick around the parting space and at the top of the lace wig to get a more sleek look. I think that makes it look so much better, especially when you have a straight wig. It helps with molding the top.

    Tip 7: The finishing touches are to use a pressed powder to make your parting space and hairline stand out, which helps make your lace look like the scalp. Some people go with a powder that is one or two shades lighter than their complexion; someone goes with a shade that is their exact color; you can choose to do whatever works for you.

    That's all for this blog. We hope you find these tips helpful. If you like this guide, don’t forget to subscribe and share it with your friends. UWigs will continue to share with you more hair care and hair install tips. Please stay tuned to see more. And for cheap human hair wigs, please visit to order human hair wigs with a surprise discount.

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