Three secret ways to cut lace on lace closure wig

    Hi there, this is UWigs. A natural hairline goes a long way in determining whether the human hair wig can give you a natural look. In this blog, I will be showing you three ways to cut the lace on lace closure wig to help you get the most natural appearance.


Method 1: Straight-cut style

    The first cutting method I'll be showing you is the straight cut. This style is good if you do not want any baby hairs showing, and you want a clean look in the front of your closure to your parting line. We will create a neat, straight line with little room to play with baby hairs by the straight cut method. 

    Warm tip: The straight hairline will look a little bit unnatural. Baby hair helps to make you look more natural. If you are not good at creating baby hair, you can pick out a bit of hair in the front and cut out some layers.

Method 2: Zigzag cutting style 

    Zigzag cutting is good if you do not want a straight line and want more lace to create baby hairs. But please cut the small zigzag line; the big zigzag will make you look weird when you put on the lace closure wig. When you cut off these edges, your lace closure wig will always lay flat every time. I found lots of people are fond of the extra lace in the front of the lace closure wigs, since it gives it a different look, especially when you have made a natural hairline with baby hairs.

Method 3: Sideling cut

    This method is similar to method one. This cut is straight in the middle but slightly slanted on the sides. It is also good if you want your hair away from your face. You can also create some baby hairs with it. 

    Hope you ell enjoy this blog, comment below and tell me which method you like best or which one you are using on cutting your lace closure wig?

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