Three myths about human hair lace wig

    Hi beauties, this is UWigs. Today we are busting through those wig myths. Have you ever heard someone tell you a horrendous story about a wig going wrong, whether it's falling out or taking out those edges? Well, keep reading this blog, because I will bust through all of those wig myths.

Three myths about lace wigs|UWigs

    The first myth we're going to talk about is that do wigs fall off. No, that is so not true. Regardless of how you choose to wear your human hair lace wig, whether you choose to use an adhesive or a wig grip, your wig will not fall off your head. But if you get into a bar fight, I can't tell you about that. Usually, the wig will not fall off your head as long as it's applied correctly.

    You can use glue adhesive, got 2B spray or silicone wig grip to keep your wig stay in place and prevent it from falling off. Most importantly, get a good fit-size lace wig. Because if your wig is fitting properly, it shouldn't be like sloshing and moving anywhere. If it's fitted properly, it should not go anywhere.

    Myth number two: human hair wigs will take out your edges or accelerate your hair loss process. I say it's not true, but it also depends on how you apply it and how you take it off. It will take your edges off and accelerate your hair loss if you are applying that wig improperly.

    Wear a wig cap before put on the lace wig. Because the wig cap protects your hair from friction, so with proper use, it's not going to take out your edges or accelerate your hair loss process. If you're well taking care of your real hair and wig, you should not lose any of your hair. If you are still suffering from hair loss, I highly suggest you talk to your doctor or trichologist to figure out why you are losing your hair.

    The third myth is wearing the lace wigs are hot and itchy. No right. Many products can prevent your head from itching while wearing a wig. Most of the time, when people wear wigs, they complain that their wig is itchy, it's because their hair is dirty underneath. So remember to wash your wig and your natural hair. That will stop a lot of the itch. 

    The other thing is wearing a wig cap. You can wear a ventilated wig cap, where it has little holes in it that it's very ventilated so that your hair can breathe.

    The other thing you need to consider is the cap construction. If you have a dome cap wig, that might contain more heat. So it might tend to be very hot. You would better consider doing a full lace wig or just a cap that's like a ventilated cap. It's much more breathable; the air can flow freely, so you're not overheated while wearing the lace wig, especially during the summer months.

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