Things you need to know before wearing a wig

    Hey beauties, this is UWigs. As many of you may have noticed that wig is trendy, they're having a tremendous moment right now in our society. So many people are wearing wigs all around the world. So today, we are going to discuss the pros of wearing wigs the cons of wearing wigs.

    I know for African American women, they kind of transition from having relaxed hair into wearing sew-ins. Where they braid the hair where have tracks that they would sew on. Now we're having more wigs, which is much convenient to wear.


Pro 1: They are versatile

    The first positive of wearing wigs is that it's so versatile. There are so many types of wigs on the hair market right now. If you prefer short hair, you can buy short bob wig, like pixie cut wigs. If you are fond of long hair, you can buy wigs that are down to your butt. You can also choose to buy a lace closure wig, lace front wig, headband wig, or t part wig, according to which part you want on the daily use. Honestly, the versatility is insane, not only as far as the haircut but also the color.

Pro 2: Wigs allow you to try a new style

    The lace wig allows you to try a new style. If you are thinking of trying a new hairstyle, you can start with wigs to see how it looks instead of cutting your actual hair. If you don't like it, you can rip it off and go on about your life.

Pro 3: Protective style

    This pro is especially for African American women. It's called a protective style. Often we are worried about the health of our hair and how we're protecting it. But when you are about to have twist-ups, straightening, detangling our hair every day, that can break off our hair. When put on the lace wig, it can keep for some days. So that's why a lot of African American women like to wear protective styles. 

Pro 4: Manipulate the hair without damage to yours

    Another great thing about wearing wigs is that we can manipulate this hair as much as we want. We can curl or straighten the human hair wig as much as we want. Maybe you will have so much fun switching up the hairstyles every day.

Pro 5:Wigs are easily put on and take off

    It's much convenient to wear a  human hair lace wig compare with the sew-in. You can put it on, and then at the end of the night, you can take it off, letting your scalp breathe. 

Pro 6: Wig can last longer

    A high-quality human hair wig can last at least a year with proper care. If you don't know how to maintain your lace wig correctly, please check our previous guide on hair care.

     Of course, of anything great, there is a drawback of sorts. So we are moving into the cons of wearing wigs.

Con 1: It takes a lot of work to make it look natural

    When it comes to customizing the wig, it's not easy to make it look natural. We need to plucking the hairline to create a most natural hairline, blenching knots on the lace, and creating the baby hair. It's honestly a process. That's why so many people go to the hairstylist to find who can install the wig for them and make it look good.

Con 2: May damage edges

    You will have to apply gel or glue to have it stick onto your hair if you want it to be more secure. Of course, you could use the combs in the wig, or you can use an elastic band. But honestly, most people like to use glue. However, if you glue the wig down and do not correctly move it, it will cause damage to your edges.

    I hope that this blog was informative for you. Uwigs is on a crazy summer sale. Visit to get cheap human hair wigs

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