The truth about transparent lace wig

    Hi there, this is UWigs. As transparent lace has become so welcome, many people want to buy the transparent lace wig, but in fact, the transparent lace is not fit for all skin tones. We will talk about the truth about transparent lace wigs in this blog. If you are interested, keep on reading.

The truth about transparent lace wig|UWigs

What is a transparent lace wig?

    The transparent lace is a piece of invisible lace, which will give us a more natural look. It's lighter than the medium brown lace. The transparent lace wig is made of a piece of transparent lace closure or lace frontal, so it will much fit for light skin tone. 

    But it doesn't mean that you can't choose to wear a transparent lace wig if you are dark skin. Follow the method below will help you blend the transparent lace onto your scalp much better.

How to adjust transparent lace for dark skin tone?

    Transparent lace is too light for anyone, even like a caramel complexion or darker. If you are a chocolate or caramel, you have to tint your lace to make it melt properly. 

    We have found that it'll be a good idea to tint on transparent lace wigs, so you use a coloring agent close to your skin tone to dye your lace closure. It would be better to shake before spraying it.

    So one thing you want to do before you spray this stuff all over your wig is that you need to cut a piece of the lace from the bottom of your wig. This piece of the lace is going to be your test strip. Go ahead and place that lace on an old towel, give the lace a few sprays of the fabric dye and then test the color against your skin tone, see if this color even works for you.

    Then if you find out that the color is perfect for your skin, you can spray it on your transparent lace wig. Turning the wig inside out and put it on a mannequin head. Make sure to move all of the hairs out of the way, shake the can, and spray the lace wig. We recommend doing this in section. This stuff is powerful, so make sure you're in a well-ventilated area and stand back, don't standing super up-close on your wig because you don't want to over saturate it with this color. You only want to lightly tone your lace, be sure to let your unit dry for approximately three hours.

    If you had a little bit of the color on your hair strands, you could use some alcohol to clean it off, and don't forget to shampoo your wig. 

    UWigs provides high-quality human hair transparent lace closure wig and transparent T part wig at an affordable price. If you want to order a cheap transparent lace wig, UWigs vendor will be your perfect choice.

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