The most common problems and solutions for wearing wig

    Hi there, this is UWigs. Today, we will talk about the top three complaints about wearing a human hair wig, and we will also tell you what you can do to solve this problem. You will know all of that after reading this blog! 

The Most Common Problems And Solutions For Wearing Wig|UWigs

    The first complaint is that lots of people think that their wigs are not natural enough. Everybody knows they have a wig going no. Honestly, I think you don’t have to worry about it at all. Nobody would laugh at you for wearing a wig. To be confident and choose a wig that fits you. If you are not good at slaying down the wig by yourself, go to the hair salon to find your hairstylist. Besides, practice more, practice makes the perfect.

    The second complaint that I always hear that women give me is the human hair wig gives them a headache. Usually, your headache is just because the cap is too small or the hair is too thick.

    If your wig giving you a headache, which means that maybe this wig is too small, or you have a lot of braids or thick hair underneath the wig. So first, be sure to know your head size before buying a wig. Make sure you get accurate measurements around the circumference and choose the suitable wig size for your head. It is essential to get that braid smooth as possible as well. I promise you if you get the right size and smooth base under the wig, you will no longer have a headache. 

    Among all the complaints, the top complaint we get is that many people are afraid of their human hair wigs falling off. It is embarrassing if the wig slips or falls off in public because everyone is looking at you. But if you have installed it correctly, usually, it will not happen. If you were afraid of that, you can wear a wig stopper, which can prevent your wig from slipping off, and it can prevent your wig from moving, especially in important events. When silicone is heated up, it causes the wig to stay in place, and it will not move around. At the same time, wear a wig cap, and use those combs that are already on the inside of your wig, then you will feel more secure. Your wig will not fall off if you secure it properly.

    The other tip that I would give you is bobby pins, good old-fashioned bobby pins, placing one on your right and your left, then it will be more secure. But the best tip is to use that comb on that wig, which will give you more security.

    So if you want more tips, please leave them in the comment section and stay tuned, we will keep updating more human hair care tips. If you would like to order affordable human hair wigs, please visit Now, here is a special $16 coupon for you, coupon code: blog16. Come on buying your new wig, and enjoy this coupon. 

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