The Differences Between Transparent Lace and Regular Lace

    If you have been in the wig game for a long time then you know there are two types of laces. The French lace, which is thicker that is mostly the regular lace, and then there is a Swiss lace that it's supposed to be the thinnest lace on the market and is usually use for transparent lace. Transparent lace and regular lace are pretty plenty and affluent. Do you know what are the differences between them?

    The color of regular lace is medium brown, so it is darker and transparent lace is light. Actually, the hairline of the lace color of transparent lace is much more meltdown to multiple skin tones. And it will look more natural.

    Transparent lace is thinner than regular lace. So transparent lace is more air breathable. Besides, the price of transparent lace is higher than regular lace. So which lace you need to choose depends on your budget and your love.

    UWigs offers T part transparent lace wigs, here are some hot on sales.

 Transparent Lace Wig 613 Blonde Color Body Wave Hair

Body Wave HD Transparent Lace Front Wig T Part Wigs

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