Something you don’t know about the wig

  • Basic type
We often say wigs, namely hair products. Hair products refer to ornaments made of human hair, chemical fiber, animal hair, etc. A wig ornament made by a series of processes. According to the type, wig products mainly include wig, toupee and hair accessories. Nowadays, the most popular choice is the wig. Wig products mainly include lace front wig, full lace wig, mono wig, machine wig. The wig is easy to wear, firm, large coverage area and wide application. According to the production method: woven hair and hand hook hair. Woven hair is made by machine. Generally, this kind of hair is mass-produced with low price, but its authenticity is not ideal. Hand hook hair is made by hand with high fidelity, good air permeability and comfortable wearing, but the price is relatively high.


  • How to choose the appropriate wig

When choosing a wig, you should firstly make it the same size as the your head circumference. If it is too small, there will be a sense of pressure, which will affect the blood circulation of the head, resulting in headache, dizziness and other phenomena; if it is too large, there will be a lack of sense of safety. On the basis of the appropriate model, it is necessary to wear it on the appropriate position according to the width of the forehead.



  • Hair Care

1Comb lightly. Generally speaking, it is better to use a sparse comb to comb the wig.

2Do not use hairpin. In order to prevent the strong wind from blowing away the wig cover, some people like to clamp the wig with a hairpin. However, the hair clip should not be too hard. Therefore, it is better not to use hairpin, but to use decorative hair band to fix the hair on the wig.


3Don't twist it with your hands when washing. Generally, you’d better wash once every two or three months. Do not use both hands to rub and twist or wash the fake foam in the washing solution. Use both hands to gently rinse the foam above the hair and dry it. Avoid drying in the sun.



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