Secrets revealed! Lace front wig maintenance and installation

    Don't know how to maintain and install the human hair lace wig? Always go to the salon for installing? So today UWigs will share with you some tricks on how to maintain the lace front wigs. If you're interested, keep on reading.  

    When we install the human hair lace wig on the hair salon, usually it could last only about a week, and then maybe the lace is lifting, so we need to touch it up or reapply this wig. Therefore it's essential to master the installation skills. 

Secrets revealed! Lace front wig maintenance and installation|UWigs

    The first rule is choosing a wig cap that is closed to our skin tone because if the wig cap does not fit our skin color, it will look weird underneath the lace front wigs. And we would better put on some foundation on the wig cap to blend well with our skin tone, which will make our wig application flawless and seamless from the part look real.

    Step 1: First of all, we need to braid up our natural hair. The braid allows the wig to be fitted perfectly without bumping or slipping off. And then, we put on the wig cap on our head and placing the glue adhesive around the perimeter of the hairline. When it dries, we'll be to cut away the excess stocking cap that's on our forehead. We suggested using the got 2B gluten-free spring to give extra hold on the wig cap. We need the blow dryer because we're going to be blow drying this glue so we can dry faster. We want it to be bone dry, so it doesn't lift off when cutting it away.

    Step 2: Then we need to put another layer of got 2B glue on the hairline, but this time, we want it to be tacky, not dry completely, because we want to put the lace front wig on it and glue it down. When it's a little bit dry, lightly placing the lace front wig on the got 2B glue and nicely pressing it down. 

    Step 3: Create baby hair is an optional step; some people like it, but some don't like it. However, we think baby hair would give you a more realistic appearance. We can wrap an elastic band or a scarf around the perimeter for about 10 minutes and blow-dry it, and we want it to be bone dry. We have created a slide hairline in this way.

    Step 4: We would suggest improvising with some edge control or do a hair spray after styling, which is very helpful to go over the flyways.

    Hope you all enjoy this blog, and if you have any question, please contact us. Buy cheap lace wigs from UWigs, don't forget to contact us to get a secret discount.

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