Remy Hair Vs Non-Remy Hair, What Is The Difference?

    Hi there, this is UWigs. Today, we wanted to talk about the differences between Remy hair and non-Remy human hair. You have probably heard those terms as you have been navigating your way through alternative hair, and you might be wondering what do they mean exactly. So if you would like to hear more about that, then please keep on reading.

Remy Hair Vs Non-Remy Hair, What Is The Difference|UWigs

     Before we jump into the difference between Remy and non-Remy human hair, I think we need to break down the actual construction of a human hair strand.

    Human hair is made up of three components. The medulla is the innermost section of the hair strand. Surrounding the medulla, we have the cortex, and the outermost layer that protects everything on the inside is the cuticle. So the cuticle protects everything on the inside. If we enlarge the cuticle, we will see that the cuticle is like a roof shingles, so the structure of the cuticle is a bit like a protective board.

    While look at our bio hair, we will find that the cuticle runs from root to tip, so it runs all in the same direction on bio hair. Remy human hair is sourced from multiple sources, and then it is sorted and bundled together. So the cuticle is very similar to our bio hair, facing the same direction from root to tip.  And it has been tied up into a hair bundle. That's why it does not tangle, so this is a tedious and time-consuming process, and it is why Remy human hair is a little bit pricier.

    When it comes to the final product, so jumping over to non-Remy human hair. Now, we will talk about the differences. Non-Remy human hair is sourced the same way from various sources. However, the manufacturers can not guarantee that their hair cuticle runs in the same direction, so this step requires a little treatment. The cuticle is stripped that will reduce the amount of tangling and inversion with the surrounding hair.

    You might be wondering if one of them is better than the other? Is Remy or non-Remy better? You need to consider the origin together to determine which hair would work for you. Consider the price of Remy versus non-Remy, and then also in combination with the hair origins.

    I think that would make for a wiser purchasing decision rather than just looking at Remy versus non-Remy, and not considering the origin of the hair itself. So I hope you have found this guide interesting.

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