No Lace No Glue! Headband Wigs!

    Are you a beginner with hair wigs? Do you want to install your hair faster? Do you want more styling for your hair? Do not miss headband wigs!


    Headband wig is a kind of wig without lace, but it has a black part and you can use a headband to cover it which can be more fashionable and natural. You can make more styling with a headband.

    Headband wig is easy and convenient to install so that it is friendly and time-saving for beginners. Headband wig is also cheaper than other wigs with lace, it is more affordable.

    Therefore, headband wigs are suitable for those who do not have edges, who are beginners, who do really care for lace or using wig glue. You can wear the wig when you are going to the gym.

    Although the headband wig is without lace front, the cap is really breathable. The headband wig is the same as other wigs, which is made by 100% virgin human hair. Therefore, the wig is de-tangle, silky, no-shedding and you can restyle it.

    There are many styles headband wigs in UWigs. Here are some following examples.

 Uwigs Straight Hair Headband Wig  


Uwigs Body Wave Hair Headband Wig 


Uwigs Curly Hair Headband Wig


Uwigs Water Wave Hair Headband Wig



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