New clear lace & clean hairline lace wig!

    Hi there, we are UWigs. Are you thinking about a realistic look on wearing a human hair lace wig with no work needed? The new clear lace wig will meet your need. So let's investigate a bit of the HD lace wig in this blog.

New clear lace & clean hairline lace wig|UWigs

About HD lace wig

    Clear lace is the HD lace with a new name. HD lace wig is a new type of lace wig on the hair market. It is supposed to blend with our skin and give us a precise hairline. We could wear it with or without glue, and it could lay flat. Swiss lace matches so many complexions. Sometimes we have to tint it, but a lot of times, it works for so many complexions, and it's just the best quality lace out there. So even if we don't do anything, it will give us a very natural look. 

    There is a huge difference compared to the original transparent lace, transparent lace is thicker, and it doesn't melt as flawlessly. We recommend a beginner to get this lace wig. Everything is already pretty much done for us. We don't have to do further customizations. Of course, we only have to install it. I think this wig is worth every penny.

How to take care of the HD lace wig?

    Make sure to remove all of the glue residues before washing this wig. And please gently wash this lace wig because the HD lace is so thin that it will be much fragile than the regular lace wig.

    We suggested using a wide-tooth comb to brush the HD lace wig, gently brush the hair from the bottom to the root. In that way, it can minimize shedding.

    We would recommend using lukewarm or cold water to wash the human hair wig. And a gentle shampoo will reduce hair moisture loss and prevent the hair from becoming too dry. And to lock in the moisture, remember to apply the hair conditioner after shampoo, place as much conditioner in the hair as possible, especially the ends of the hair, and let it sit for about 30 minutes, and then rinsing with water.

    Please don't blow-dry the human hair lace wig. Always gently wipe off the moisture with a towel and then put the lace wig on a stand or mannequin head and let the hair air dry.

    I hope you have found this guide helpful. Visit to get more information and cheap lace wig. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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