Lace wig too small? Easy way to make it fit perfectly

    Hi there, we are UWigs. Is the wig too small? If you've ever had this issue, I want you all to keep reading. Today we will show you how to work with a  human hair lace wig that may be too small for your head. To make that petite lace wigs fit your head perfectly. There's a way to get around it, not the best way, but it's an easy way. So read this article and learn about this little heck.

Lace wig too small Easy way to make it fit perfectly|UWigs

Things we need :

    We'll need a pair of scissors, an elastic band, and, most importantly, threads and needles. You can get them from any beauty supply store.

 How to make a small lace wig to fit our head?

Step 1: 

    Put the wig on comfortably and use the elastic band to measure how much extra room you'll need. Take the elastic band starting from the hairline of the lace front wig to in front of the hairline, so that's what we need, and to be safe, we would recommend leaving it a little bit longer than what we have measured and just cut it off.

Step 2: 

    So to prepare for step two, go ahead and take that wig off and flip the wig entirely inside out. Now focus attention on the lace wig base, where there should be elastic bands inside the wig cap; this band right is what we'll be customizing.

    Pull the elastic band that's on the wig as far out as you can, and then use a clip or pin to be sure that it doesn't snap back on. Once that elastic is set, cut the ending hook piece off, be sure to leave a little room, and not cut too close to the hook because we still want this piece to be usable. After the cutting, it's time to create that extension for a wider cap.

 Step 3: 

    Ensure that the extra elastic band piece matches the thickness of the elastic band on the lace wig. And then this extra elastic band will work as a bridge.

 Step 4:

    Take this step slowly; sew the extra piece of elastic like a bridge onto the band connected to the wig. It doesn't need to use any particular technique, just regular sewing. Be sure to double and triple knot the thread, so this band remains solid and usable. Once we sew the first end on, please give it a little tug to ensure that it's sewn on and secure. Once we're comfortable with how secured that the first end is, move on to step five.

 Step 5: 

    Sew the wig hook that we cut off earlier onto the other end of this newly added elastic band. Once each end is sewn on and has done the pull test, remove what was holding the band and gently stretch the wig out. So that the elastic can move back into that sleeve. Once we finish step five, we will see how much extra room was added by adding that elastic band. Then, repeat these same steps with the elastic on the other side.

     The elastic band made the cap bigger, but if there is still a little bit of hair peeking out, maybe we need to create tiny holes to reach in front of the hairline. This is an extra step that you can choose whether to do or not. Sometimes, it will cause irreversible damage with misoperation. Make sure to be very careful and only create a minor cut. If you want to develop more incisions, do them in the different areas of the wig cap and not do them so close together. Just so that the holes won't meet each other and expand ultimately, please be very careful.

    Thanks for reading; if you find this tutorial is helpful for you, please stay tuned. UWigs is an experienced human hair lace wig merchant; we will provide more information about human hair lace wigs and cheap lace wigs for you in the future. Buy cheap lace wigs in UWigs, don't forget to contact us to get a surprise coupon. 

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