Do Headband Wig Damage Our Edges?

     As more and more African American women pursue natural and safe hairstyles, human hair wigs are becoming more and more popular. However, as many people think, human hair lace wigs are easy to slip off if not glued down. So most lace wigs need to be glue down to make sure they stay in place, but the adhesive will damage our scalp over a long period, and damage the hair follicles, so that will cause hair loss and the hairline recedes.

Do Headband Wig Damage Our Edges|UWigs

    Many people say that the headband wig is the most protective style now. Do you know how the headband wig affected our hairline after wearing it for a period? Did the wig damage our edges? Keep on reading to find the answer now.

    Many wig wearers are reluctant to wear lace wigs because they are worried that it will damage their edges, especially when their lace is rough.

     A headband wig is made of a piece of material similar to a headband. It is a new type of wig which in trend now, we can see many people wear it in their daily life because it is like a half wig, it is very convenient to wear and take off. We can six it up without any glue adhesive, only secure it with the headband and the comb inside the wig cap.

    A headband wig is a no lace wig. There is no lace all over the wig cap. All we need to do is fasten the band around the hairline to fix it in place. So we can truly protect our edges from the glue damage, as there is no glue at all. 

    What’s more? Usually, when we glue down the human hair lace wig, we will not remove it every day. However, with a headband wig, we can easily take it off when we do not need it, so that it can be much comfortable and breathable for our scalp and natural hair.

    I think the headband wig is the most protective human hair wig now. If you have tried for a headband wig, I am convinced that you will grow to love the headband wig, which rests comfortably around your hairline. It protects your edges, as the headband is made of a silk material, which reduces friction around your edges.

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