Is lace wig do harm to natural hairline?

    Hi there, this is UWigs. We have found that many wig wearers suffer from hair loss and receding hairline from the glue adhesive while wearing lace front wigs through feedback from our customers.


    While lace front wigs are usually the first choice regarding realistic appearance, improper application methods can cause discomfort and even allergic reactions. Since a heavy-duty adhesive is used when installing the lace front wigs, so hair loss and receding hairlines are often happening with the repeated use of lace front wigs, but which is undesirable. So I'm writing this article to help you out!

    We'll have to do all the extra to prevent our edges from damage. Jamaican black castor oil and aloe vera juice are perfect for those who have alopecia or are suffering from hair loss, so we can spritzing some of that on our edges to preserve our hairline.

    If you're going to go about wearing wigs, I'm not against it. Human hair lace wig gives us a more charming look; we all like that, but we don't always have to use the gels or the glues and things like that to glue it down. If you're noticing that your edges are thinning, it would better to start nurturing them back to health. Only putting on a wig but not glue it down, maybe you can use an elastic band, or you don't have to secure down using glue adhesive product. If your edges are thinning, feel free to wear weaves. Those honestly are the best protective styles you can wear because they don't require any manipulation on your hair.

    If your hair is super short, you can only slick it back and put on a stocking cap through your wig. And even if your hair is long, you could twist it up, pull the hair back and pin it with bobby pins. Through using cornrows is good, especially if you're going to be wearing wigs for weeks at a time. But try to avoid even cornrows as often as possible because they hurt our hairline, especially if you tie the braid too tight.

    Make sure you're taking care of your natural hair. Moistening natural hair is very necessary. We suggest using a product that has a good amount of water in it. Water should be the first ingredient, which will be very helpful in knowing whether it's going to be a good product for your hair. Because our hair needs moisture, and that moisture predominantly should be coming from water.

    Remove the lace wigs gently and correctly; we can take the lace wig off better with the help of alcohol rather than tear it off violently.

    Don't worry too much; following my suggestions, wearing a lace wig in the right way won't have a significant impact on our hair. So if you have any questions or requirements, please contact us. UWigs is committed to providing you with the best hair products, the best price and the best service.

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