Human Hair Wig vs. Synthetic Hair wig, Which Lasts Longer?

    Hi there, here is UWigs. As we all know, there are manly human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs in the hair market. Most people prefer the human hair wig because it is more realistic. Also, it has the same shine as natural hair and follows like natural hair. But if you both have worn a human hair wig and synthetic hair wig, you may find that the hairstyle on the synthetic fiber keeps longer than the human hair. When it comes to the life span, do you know which one can last longer?

Human Hair Wig vs. Synthetic Hair wig, Which Lasts Longer|UWigs

    We have heard that some people saying that human hair wigs last longer, so is it correct? Let’s find the answer in the following text.

    First of all, we need to go through these two types of wigs. A human hair wig is made of virgin human hair that is collected from donors, so it is easier to style.

    Synthetic hair wigs are made of artificial fibers, and they are much more durable than a human hair. Perhaps the most significant benefit of synthetic wigs is that they come already styled. And they can maintain the style under any conditions. Even if the outside is damp, the hair will not become flat or frizzy. It will retain its hairstyle.

    Which wig lasts longer? Usually, as most people think that the average service life of a human hair wig is longer than the synthetic hair wig. However, it also depends on other factors, such as how often you wear it and the maintenance methods. 

    The different type of fibers needs the different methods to maintain. For a human hair wig, we can revive it with shampoo and conditioner, which is why the average service life of a human hair wig is longer. Since the synthetic fiber is artificial, it can not absorb the nutrition from the conditioner or anything else. So if you wear it in daily life frequently, and without taking good care of it, it may be damaged and can not be revived again. Once it is worn out, you cannot use it again.

    In a word, both the human hair wig and the synthetic hair wig require attentive care to keep them last longer. If you do not know how to take care of your wig, learn how to do it, follow our blog or the other internet celebrity video tutorial now.

    Thanks for reading. If you are looking for the most affordable human hair wig, welcome to to get your new wig with a surprise discount.

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