How to wash the lace closure wig correctly?

    Hi everybody, welcome back to my channel. This blog will show you how to wash the lace closure wig. It's imperative to clean the human hair lace closure wig correctly, so if you don't know well how to wash your hair correctly, stay tuned to this article. This blog is a step by step walkthrough on how to wash the lace closure wigs correctly.

 How to wash the lace closure wig correctly|UWigs

Step 1:

    First of all, I think you should at least wash your wigs at least once or twice a month. It depends on how often you are wearing it. Make sure to detangle the knots on the hair before washing the lace closure wig. Because if the hair is knotted, it will become more tangled when the hair is wet, more difficult to detangle the knots. Therefore, it would be better to detangle all the knots on the hair before putting it into the water. 

Step 2: 

    Getting the water to the right temperature, we recommend using warm water, not use hot water to wash the human hair lace closure wig; the high temperature will cause damage to the hair. First, make sure the lace is wet and ensure that all the hair is nice and wet before adding the shampoo to the hair.

Step 3:

    This is the step to clean the lace closure wig with the shampoo. We recommend using a gentle shampoo to wash your lace closure wig to keep your hair from too dry. Put a generous amount go throughout the whole hand, then starting from the top, working the way down to the bottom. Adding more to the top because you have more hair at the top. Massage the shampoo throughout the hair with your fingers.

Step 4:

    Take a wig brush to vibration shampoo throughout the hair. This helps detangle the hair while you're comb shampoo in. Because sometimes, when you comb the shampoo throughout the weave, it seems to get tangled, but brush helps the tangled the weave while also combing the shampoo throughout the hair.

Step 5:

    Then rinse out the shampoo with warm water. If the water is milky, that means that your lace closure wig is truly dirty. It would be best if you washed it for the second time. I think the first wash is essential, but the second wash is as important. Because it will help you to get all the dirt out from the hair, maybe after the first wash, it may have some leftover on the hair after the first wash. When you can see the curls coming back to your hair, that means that the hair is getting clean. 

Step 6:

    Put a lot like a lot of conditioner on the hair and massage it throughout the hair. Ensure that the condition reaching all ends from the top of the closure to the bottom of the hair. Let the conditioner set in the hair for about 20 minutes.

Step 7:

    It's time to rinse the conditioner out of the hair, making sure that rinsing all of the conditioners on the hair. The hair is going to seem heavy and greasy when there's conditioner still leftover in the hair.

Step 8:

    When rinsing the conditioner out of the hair, get the towel and drain any excess water left out in the hair. If you want your lace closure to keep in good shape, I recommend setting your lace closure wig on the wig head and place it in front of a fan overnight to dry it or put the lace closure wig on the wig head and air dry.

    So that's pretty much how to wash the lace closure wig. If you find this guide is helpful, please share it with your friends. The crazy summer sale is going on UWigs. Visit to order cheap human hair lace closure wigs.

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