How To Tame Flyaways On Human Hair Lace Closure Wig?

    Hi there, this is UWigs. I know the flyaways are an annoying issue for most of the lace wig wearers. Flyaway is very disturbing, but this is not a problem. Today, I'm here to help you find the solution to this issue. If you are also focusing on this issue, keep on reading.

How To Tame Flyaways On Human Hair Lace Closure Wig|UWigs

    As I said, this is a highly requested blog. Many wig wearers have this issue with the flyaway, it’s time to tame these annoying flyaways now.

    So the first thing that we will do to tame the flyaway is brushing the hair down so that we could see the short hair at the top of the lace wig, which sticks out around the parting line. This hair is too short to press it down, but you don’t need to plug it off or cut it off. If you do that, you will have holes about spots in your lace, so you don't want to do that.

    The first product that we are using is mousse. Place some mousse at both sides of the parting line to press the short hair down. The mousse works well to wrap the short hair.

    The next thing that we will use is some hair styling foam. Wrap the foam all around the parting to soft the hair a little bit. The foam can also make the parts very seamless. If you are a person who likes seamless parting lines, I’m sure you will need this as well.

    And then, the third one, which is the last one. The edge control is magic, also the key. Pick up a little by your fingers and rub it on your hair, not too much, do not forget that. Most of you complained that use the edge control, the hair comes out flaky. But the mousse that we have used would not make that happen. don't you worry, it would not happen. It is permanent. You will not see the flyaway anymore until you wash your hair and then do the same routine over and over again.

    This is the easy method you can slay down the flyaway on your lace closure wig, and then you would not see them anymore. I hope you find it helpful.

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