How to style a human hair wig?

    Hey, beauties, this is UWigs. Human hair wigs give the most natural look and make your wig virtually undetectable. Before committing to the high price tag that comes with human hair. Here are a few styling tips.

How to style a human hair wig|UWigs

    Start with the wig pinned to a canvas wig head, so you have a 360-degree view of what your style looks like. Be sure you don't puncture any monofilament material with pins.

    First, wet the root of the wig with water. If you have a monofilament top on your piece, this is where you can alter the location of your part. 

    Next, use a blow dryer with an air concentrator attachment, set it on low heat to dry the roots towards the back of the wig, until they're in your desired location.

    How to style a shorter human hair wig? After brushing through the hair with a paddle brush, spray the human hair all over with a thermal protectant spray for human hair. It would be best to use a spray for human hair; synthetic sprays may break down human hair fibers. 

For straight hairstyle

    Run your flatiron from about an inch from the root of the hair. While flipping out the ends, do this all over in sections. Give attention to the backs by positioning them in the opposite direction of where your part is located. Spray the lace wig all over with hairspray to keep the fibers in place longer. 

For curly hairstyle

    After brushing your wig, spraying it with a conditioning and protectant spray. Separates the hair into sections. Wrap a piece of the hair around your curling wand, leave it for about 8 to 12 seconds, be sure not to leave the heat on the hair for too long. Do this step in alternating directions all over the wig for a more natural look. Repeat these steps for a long human hair wig.

    If you're styling your wigs every day, make sure to apply leave-in conditioning and protectant spray between sessions, so the fibers stay hydrated. Besides, remember to wash your wig once a week following daily wear.

    If you are a beginner wig wearer or if you want more information about human hair wig maintenance. Be sure to subscribe to our channel, that way; you won't miss out on our updated blogs.

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