How to silk press human hair wig like a pro?

    Hey, beauties, this is UWigs. Sleek and shiny hair will make you look good. But do you know how to make your hair smooth and shiny? If you don't know how to achieve it, don't miss this guide, we will show you how to silk press your human hair lace wig like a pro.

How to silk press lace closure wig like a pro|UWigs

    Step 1: first of all, we need a mannequin head. Just put the lace closure wig on the mannequin head. It can hold the hair very well. 

    Step 2: it would be better to put on some oil or some serum. A serum is like lightweight hair styling. These products help to protect your hair from heat damage, also add luster to your hair. 

    Step 3: Next step is going to be to section the hair into many small sections. Section it's so important, it's helpful to get every strand of hair. you should straighten your hair in small areas because it's less stressful

    Step 4: working in small sections it's going to give you the best silk. Flatiron section by section, if you are trying to get exquisite silk, you can choose to do it in two tracks or three tracks at the most time. Still, it also depends on the texture you working with, if you are working with bone straight hair, you can get away with making three tracks of hair at a time, but if you have a different texture, especially curly hair, you would better do a track of hair at a time. the smaller the section, the silkier it'll piece

    Please be careful not to use too high a temperature when straightening the hair. The human hair will cause heat damage by high temperatures. Please set it to medium temperature when flattening. And another thing you want to make sure you have a small tooth comb, not a medium or wide-tooth comb. You can use a wide-tooth comb to help you detangle the knots, but a small tooth comb will help you catch all of those hairs and make it as smooth as possible.

    Step 5: when it comes to a lace closure wig or lace front wig, the top area will be the most challenging part to laid and slick down, so we need to mold it out first. Make your part where you want it, then add some moose on both sides of the hairline. The moose will make the hair flat. Make sure you get in nice and damp so you can go ahead and plug it out. 

    Step 6: then, take a hot comb, comb through the hair on the hair root. The back of the pressing comb holds the most heat, so tilt the comb and comb it down. This method will allow your hair to get more heat and make it straighter.

    Step 7: taking sections from the closure and flat them from the top to the end. Making sure you get close to that lace so that everything can be nice and flat. Finally, if you find some flay away on the top, you can spray some oil on the hair and smooth it. 

    Thanks for reading. I hope you find this guide helpful. UWigs supplies cheap human hair wigs. If you have no idea where to buy affordable human hair lace wigs, UWigs, will be your best choice.

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