How to revivi a curly hair wig?

    Curly hair is most people’s first choice, because it is closest to the original hair and full. However, curly hair is hard to take care of in daily life, if you don’t take good care of it, it is easy to be crude. How can we revivi the curly hair wigs? Let’s read following steps together!

    1.Wet the hair with water and make sure the hair is soaked with water
    2.Add the generous amount of conditioner also you need make sure the hair saturated with conditioner
    3. Detangle the hair with your fingers
how_to_revivi_a _curly_hair_wig
    4. Put hair in a plastic bag and tie it, and microwave hair for 1 minute
    5.Comb the hair with a wide tooth comb
    6. Brush the hair with a detangling brush, please don’t forget to brush the nape area and closure or frontal
    7. Once the hair is detangle, wash off the conditioner. Remember thoroughly rinse out the conditioner
    8. Brush the hair to reactivate your curls
    9. Finally, Leave hair to air dry

    The curly hair is vivid again! If your curly hair is not soft and beautiful, you could have a try. This method ought to be suitable for all kinds of human hair wigs, and might can help you save a fortune!


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