How to retouch human hair lace wigs application without taking it off?

    Hi everyone, this is UWigs. Welcome back to our column. have you ever surfer from the lace lifting after the shower because you forgot to tie up the lace before the shower. We think this happens to some of you sometimes. Because we have got these questions a lot on how to touch up the frontal lace wigs at home, rather than go to the salon paying extra money. So today, we are going to teach you how to make the lifting and moving frontal lace wigs retouch and sway back intact without taking off the lace wigs. This is not difficult; you could do it on your own without spending a little extra money, you can save it do something else if you're interested in it, keep on reading!

    We want to fix the lifting lace wigs because this is not cute; we can't go outside like this. so we're going to fix this right now. 

How to retouch human hair lace wigs application without taking it off?

How to retouch human hair lace wigs

    We're going to start with a paper towel or a cotton swab. Use a paper towel and go in with alcohol; just kind of soak a little bit. We are trying to clean all this old glue off our forehead and the lace. Because we don't want to add new glue on top of old adhesive, it's not healthy, it's not good for our hair, and it's not going to make the lace look good once you do this. So once you do that 90 percent alcohol, make the glue super easy to get off. That is how you can save your edges, so we recommend cleaning the glue off first before adding a new bond to the hairline.

    We can also go in with my tweezers to pull a bit of old glue off, and it was easy for us to do that because We have already put alcohol on it, in a word, move out all of the glue. And then, we want to lay all the areas that are lifting back down, add a little bit of glue on the hairline and wipe it with a rat tail comb, wait for a while, and then take the rat tail comb to comb the lace into the glue, in general, do one to two layers is enough. Still, if you want to keep your front row on for a bit longer, we would recommend doing three to four layers.

    For the area, that's kind of difficult to get to, and with the area that hasn't laid down, which means that we didn't put enough glue down there, so add a little more glue and push that lace into the glue.

    Then we want to take out all of the baby hairs. We will recommend using a tiny brush to brush the hair out of the adhesive because many times when we tie down the hairline or lie down at night or whatever, the hair can go into that wig adhesive that looks so messy. So we need to take this edge brush and brush upward and remove that hair out of the glue. And any hair strands that may be lined up around the rim of the lace, if you don't want that, you can also use the back of the edge brush, the little comb, but please be careful not to rip the lace.

    Finally, we need to apply some bronzer all over the hairline on the frontal lace wigs; this way, it gives the illusion that this is not a human hair lace wig, but the natural hair growing out of the scalp; and that's what we want, so we recommend this step on the hairline.

    So that's all of this blog; if you find this article helpful to you, please stay tuned. UWigs, we will continue to update some information about human hair lace wig maintenance, and we will recommend the latest lace wigs and cheap lace wigs for you.

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