Is it possible to make a large size lace wig smaller?

    Hi there, we are UWigs. We have always emphasized that it's crucial to know your right head size before ordering a human hair lace wig. But we also noticed that someone might get a large size lace wig online. Because most wig caps are average-sized, but, don't worry, we have a resizing guide, if you have a small head size. So this is a quick blog to show you how to resize the cap on your lace wig if it's too big and make this wig look flawlessly natural.

 How to resize a big wig cap lace wig|UWigs

    Things we need: We only need some scissors, needles and threads for this resizing process. You can find them at your local beauty supply store.

    Step 1: Taking the big lace wig and flipping it inside out for the resizing process. So if you have a mannequin head with a tripod, that's going to be the best approach to keep the lace closure wig in place while resizing it.

    Step 2: The key to resizing the big wig cap is pulling the tracks closer together with needle and thread. We would recommend starting sewing from the back because typically, the bulge on the wigs is most visible. But you can begin sewing anywhere you like. And we want to share you with a sewing technique; it is called the lock stitch method. So with this method, we are grabbing two tracks with the needle, and wrapping the thread around the needle and pulling it through to create a small knot. 

    Step 3: If you're unsure exactly how many rows you need to do, what you can do is try on the unit and mark precisely where you want your wig to stop in the back before resizing, or you can compare it to the circumference of your head. But we do recommend the first option because it was quicker. But, again, please ensure how many rows you need to sew because you don't want to make the  wig  cap too small.

    When the sewing is done, we will get rid of a lot of that unnecessary cap space, and the tracks still lay nice and flat, and we can barely see the stitching pattern once we flip the lace wig back. 

    Step 4: The final step is to try on the unit to make sure it fits properly. We will see a huge difference, it doesn't hang off the nape of the neck, and it's a perfect fit. So we are done with the resizing process for a big lace wig. 

  we hope you all find this blog helpful. Visit to get more information and order cheap lace wig.

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