How to Remove a Lace Wig Safely and Easily?

    We always talk about how to install a wig naturally, but do you know how to remove a wig? If you remove the lace front wig in an improper way, it will damage your hairline or your leads.  

    For example, some people pull on their edges like pulling the wig off, which will give them bald spots in the lace and on their head. And some people will take water or wet the whole front and spoil just to get it off and they have to restyle it and dry it. And don't be a person that thinks you can pull it off gently. And don't be a person that thinks you can pull it off gently and it's all right. You're gonna end up pulling your edges gently and over time you're gonna be bald. 

    These are all inappropriate ways to take remove the lace front wig. Uwigs will show you an easy and quick way to remove the wig safely.

    First, you need to prepare a bottle of alcohol. You can put alcohol into a small squirt bottle. And spray alcohol on your lace and met the lace wet. Then knead the lace lightly. Repeat to spray alcohol on your lace and knead the lace lightly. When you repeat the action two or three times, the lace will be separated your head easily. If you don't have a spray bottle at present, you could pour alcohol into your towel and press the lace lightly and repeat the action. You also can separate the lace from your head easily in this way.

    Do you learn it? You could try these ways to remove your wig before you go to sleep! If it is useful for you, please leave your comments!

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