How To Properly Measure Your Head For a Human Hair Wig?

    Hi there, welcome back to UWigs Official blog. We always stress we have to get the right head size before purchasing a human hair lace wig. Recently, We found that many people do not know how to measure their heads correctly to get the right size wig. So today, we are back with another blog to show you how to measure your head for a human hair wig for a custom wig or to figure out your hair size for a premade wig.

    Our measurements are crucial to the wig-making process, especially if we want to get a custom-made wig. We need to make sure that our hair is braided, and besides, it is under our wig.

    If your hair is ponytail or bun, don't measure your head to make a wig. Otherwise, it will alter your measurements, and the wig will be ill-fitting.

How To Properly Measure Your Head For a Human Hair Wig|UWigs

    Here is a chart of the measurements for you, which is common to all wig manufacturers. First, we need to take the circumference. Second, the measure from front to nape, Third, the measure from temple to temple. Fourth, the measure around the back. Fifth, the measure from the nape of the neck. In addition to those, if you get a lace front wig, you will need the ear to ear over the top. So we will go over those right now.


    The first measurement we are going to take is our circumference. Make sure that our tape measure does not exceed our ears, and it is on our heads and around the back of our neck.

Front To Nape

    Next step, we have to measure the front to nape. Place the measuring tape at our hairline and make sure that we go all the way down to the nape of our neck, making sure that the measuring tape is in the middle of our head. 

Ear To Ear From Hairline

    Measure from the sideburns and up across your hairline along our forehead to the same point.

Ear To Ear Over Top

    If we plan to purchase a lace front wig, we will also need our ear to ear measurement over the top of our head. Take your measuring tape on the top of our ear to go across the top of our head, neither too far in front, not too far at the back, right on the top of our head to the other ear. This measurement is used for our lace front wig to know how much we need to cut off around the ear.

Temple To Temple measurement

    Measure from temple to temple. Place the beginning of the measuring tape at one temple. We are going around the back of our head, at the most curved part of our head, and bring it around to our other temple, which is our temple to temple measurement. 

Nape of neck measurement

    Last but not least, we have the nape measurement, which will be the last measurement for a lace closure wig. We will just be measuring the nape of our neck, placing the measuring tape at one side of our nape, then going across to the other side of our neck. 

    That is the right way to measure our head for a human hair lace wig. I hope this guide was helpful for you all. Now, if you are plan to order cheap human hair wigs, do not miss this chance, here is a special $16 coupon for our blog subscribers, visit, more surprise discounts are waiting for you, now you can even enjoy a $10 off for over $99 wig, I bet you will be satisfied with human hair wig on UWigs.

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