How to prevent the discomfort of wearing a wig?

    Hello, this is UWigs. Is your lace wig causing you discomfort? There may be multiple reasons why this could be happening. For example, your wig may be too loose or too tight. Watch this blog to know how to properly measure the head size for a wig and use the wig wand to relieve itchiness.

    Sometimes your lace wig may feel uncomfortable for the following reasons:

How to prevent the discomfort of wearing a wig|UWigs

Reason 1: Incorrect wig size

    Before ordering a new wig, you need to double-check your measurements to ensure the correct wig size. If your wig is too loose or too tight, it will rub your skin and cause discomfort. If you get a wig that is a little bit large, you can apply a wig wand onto the front hairline to keep it stay in place.

Reason 2: Movement and rubbing

    The friction caused by the movement of the wig will also make you feel discomfort. So we can put some powder in the front hairline. The powder help with irritation.

Reason 3: Sensitive skin

    If you have sensitive skin, if you have tried all the methods above, we recommend trying other cap designs if the lace wig is still uncomfortable. Monofilament and tied wigs are a great alternative to lace front wigs.

 How to properly wear a wig to prevent discomfort?

    We are sure that many people wear their lace wigs with the elastic band that comes with the wig cap and are tightly fixed together. Because it's the easiest way, but sometimes this will cause you to feel some pain in the back due to these two elastic clips.

    This is the proper way to wear the human hair lace wig. It would help if you affixed these clips in some of the holes that come on the wig cap. You see different holes on the wig cap if you look at it, so what you should ideally do is fix the older one in one of the holes, depending on how tightly you want the wig to be. Then you set the second one in the same way. So this way, it's even more comfortable, you don't feel any pains at the back, don't feel any rubbing or any sharp pain when you wear it this way.

    Whether it sticks or not also makes a difference when it comes to lace closure wig or lace front wig. If you are allergic to glue adhesive, try to avoid glue when installing, the glueless install is perfect for you.

Hope this guide is helpful for you. If you like it, please share it with your friends. UWigs is on a crazy summer sale. Visit to get more information and cheap human hair wig

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