How To Preserve The Edges While Wearing Lace Wigs?

    Every girl likes lace wigs and wearing them frequently, but nobody wants to be bald under the wig. Some girls still want to have hair when they are not wearing lace wigs. Lace wigs are great, but how to protect natural hair and edge underneath the lace wig?

    UWigs, a company specializing in lace wigs, will share a few tips on how to preserve edges while we are rocking the beautiful wigs in this blog. So if you want to see the tips on how to do that, please keep on reading. 

How To Preserve The Edges While Wearing Lace Wigs?

Tips 1: Limit or avoid putting glue on your edges 

    The first tip is that UWigs would recommend avoiding glue when wearing lace wigs. If we want to glue the lace wigs down, we need to limit the dosage of glue that put on the hairline and the edges because the glue will eat away at the edges. And UWigs strongly suggests not always glue the lace wigs down. We can not glue them down every day because it's not healthy for the hairline and the edges. 

Tips 2: Give your edges a break

    The next tip is to give your natural hair a break. Give it a break, like removing the lace wig some while and letting the scalp and the hair breathe. If we've been wearing lace wigs for an amount of time, we need to give it at least the same amount of time to breathe and relax. Just like wearing natural hair, even if wearing a ponytail, rather than that is lace wigs. To give it a rest so that the scalp can breathe freely and the hair won't so tinder or bun down from wearing wigs and glue all the time. 

Tips 3: Treat the scalp and the edges

    We have to treat our scalp and the edges to ensure that our hair continues growing, especially if we're wearing wigs. We need to give our head and scalp some extra care. Because when we are wearing a lace wig, our hair will get very dry underneath the wig. Therefore, if we're not maintaining the scalp underneath the wigs, that can lead to breakage and damage. So definitely, we need to moisturize our hair with some types of oil to make sure that the scalp is not dry and keep the scalp nice and healthy while wearing lace wigs. 

Tips 4: Do not wear the lace wig tight

    The next tip is to make sure the wig cap properly suits you. Make the lace wig is not too large or too small, which fits your head correctly, and not putting too much stress or tension on your head because a tight wig will eat away at the edges.

Tips 5: Remove the lace wigs properly

    Remove the lace wigs if they have been gluing down or spray down, and we need to remove them properly, just like how we put them on. We need to remove them properly because ripping the lace wig off can hands-down rip out our natural hair, but we don't want to be pulling out natural hair as removing lace wig. So make sure you remove it properly, use the proper tools, and remover to remove your wigs so that it doesn't damage or break off the edges or the hair. 

Tips 6: Wear a wig grip

    Last but not least, I would recommend wearing a wig grip. The wig grip is a lot better if we need something underneath the lace wig. The wig grip is not as elastic that is a little bit wide, so it's not just pressing on one a little part of our hair. In addition, the wig rip gives the lace wig a nice hold, and it also protects the edges. So wrap it around before apply a lace wig.

    If you are a wig lover and wear wigs often, you need to try these tips to make sure that you don't begin to get hair loss from wearing your wigs, and preserve your edges, make sure that your edge is intact.

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