How to pick a wig for your face shape?

    Ladies, it's UWigs here. Today I will share with you how to pick the first wig for your face shape.

    If your face shape is oval, the dimensions of your face are very balanced in proportion. Therefore you will look good in any wig style. So try every style you like, the soft curls or the luscious layers, etc.

How to pick a wig for your face shape|UWigs

    If your face shape is round, we suggest choosing wigs that will help slim the look of your face. Now side parts wigs that sweep away from your face and the wigs that have longer layers will offset the roundness of your face. Please don't cut it too short, and don't choose a wig that covers both sides of your face. It would be better to try styles like luscious layers or the stacked bob wigs.

    If your face shape is squared, you would better pick a wig that softens or wigs with bangs.  A soft wig can cover the edges and corners of your face, making it look smoother. Long straight hairstyles are not for you, the styles like the casual curl or the soft curls are much better for you.

    If your face is oblong, you need to try and soften the length of your face, choosing a wig that's short or medium length. Try and pick a wig with layers that are full around the middle of your face. Now the bangs can sweep across the forehead, and the wig has waves that will add lots of volume. So try styles like the pixie cut wig, the big wave bob wig, or the soft curl wigs.

    If your face is a pear shape, pick wigs that are parted with no bangs to expose the forehead.  Besides, have some layers to frame the face because they may emphasize the width of the job. A wispy bob wig would be perfect for you. So try styles like the big wave bob, a layered bob.

    If your face is heart-shaped, pick wigs that are long to the chin, below wigs with cascading curls, or layers that start at the chin and work down towards the shoulders.

    You need to avoid wigs that have a lot of height or are teased at the top. So why don't you try styles like the casual curl, the goddess waves, the luscious layers?

    I hope this tutorial helped you as much as it helped me, I had so much fun, and I hope you have fun choosing your perfect wig.

    UWigs provides different types of human hair wigs. I hope you can easily find what suits you at 

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