How to make the lace wigs last longer?

    Hi there, this is UWigs. Did you be aware of how much money on purchasing lace wigs every year? Is it worth the money? This blog will share some tips to make your lace wigs last a long time and make your money worth it. 

    These tips will help you make your lace wig last for at least one year. These tips apply to all versions, not only the lace wig but also human hair weaves.


Tip 1:Clean the lace

    The lace wig can be reused many times, but make sure to clean the lace every time after taking the lace wig off. Gently clean the lace with the toothbrush, scrub the glue residue down, don't worry about your baby hair, make sure to get all that gunk out of the lace. 

Tip 2: Using moisturizing products

    Make sure you're using moisturizing products for the washing in the conditioning. Also, we recommend using co-wash products or a gentle shampoo. Please don't use strong cleaner shampoo because it will strip the hair bundles or the virgin hair lace wigs.

    Deep condition after washing the hair. We will recommend washing the hair once a week. After washing the hair, don't forget to deep condition with coconut oil or regular conditioner. The deep condition can add moisture to the hair and lock the water into the hair.

Tip 3: Argan oil

    Tip number three is to give your hair some slip with some argan oil. That oil gets into the hair shaft and moisturizes the inside out. Plus, argan oil is a light boil, so it won't make the hair too sticky.

Tip 4: Don't sleep on the lace wig

    Make sure the hair is not going to tangle at night time. If you don't take off the wig, please wrapping your hair up at night with a sleeping bonnet. You don't want to sleep freely with your hair up because that would cause tangling, mess and shed. After all, you were rolling around in it all night. Or you can take the wig off at night and put it on your mannequin head or put it back in a plastic bag. Make sure it's not going to tangle.

Tip 5: Proper storage

    Make sure to put the lace wig in some plastic bags or something to contain it, and then put it into the closet. Because we don want to mess the hair up, we hope that we can just put on the wig after take it out of the bag. We have paid too much money on the wigs, don't just throw it around. Get your money's worth.

    Hope you enjoy this blog. There is a crazy summer sale going on UWigs. Visit to buy cheap lace wigs.

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