How to make the lace closure wig look the most natural?

    Hi there, this is UWigs. I know that you are still struggling with making the lace closure wig look as natural as possible. So today, I will share some tips and tricks with you to get your lace wigs looking flawless and natural.


    Tip 1: blenching is necessary if you are striving for the most natural look. We all know that there are many tinny knots on the lace closure if we did not blench the knots. The knots are invisible in the distance, but it's so apparent when up close. Blenching knots help to conceal these knots so that they will give you the most natural look. But please be careful when blenching. Improper handling will destroy your lace closure wig.

    Tip 2: after blenching, the lace closure maybe a little bit brassy orange. At this moment, use some purple shampoo or conditioner is helps to get rid of the brass. It will look a lot better after washing. So I recommend you do this.

    Tip 3: tweezing hairline will also give you a more natural appearance, but now many lace closure wigs come with pre-plucked, the hairline looks pretty decent, it doesn't require a lot of tweezing. If you are not good at tweezing, you can even skip over this step. Don't ever go over the plucking at the same spots. If you do this, you will have bald spots.

    Tip 4: choosing a wig cap close to your skin tone is also essential. If you have no idea for which one to choose, please select a lighter than your skin tone and use the foundation powder to match the wig cap to your actual skin tone.

    Tip 5: cut off that extra lace in the back first, but don't cut the lace on the front before trying the wig on your head. Only when you try on the wig can you know where to cut the lace exactly so that it can perfect your hairline.

    Tip 6: the hot comb and gel are helping to lay down the flyaways. The key to a flawless wig application is to apply your wig before your makeup application. Trust me, doing your makeup after the wig application is beneficial.

    Hope you all enjoy this blog and find out that these tips are helpful. The crazy summer sale is going on UWigs. Visit to order cheap human hair lace closure wigs

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