How to make full use of your straight hair wig?

If you have a straight hair wig, do you think it is unchangeable and want to have some new patterns of your hair? A instyler will solve your problem. But are you also worried that the wig will be burned? Don't worry, the wig of Uwigs will help you solve it. Our wig is 100% Virgin Remy Hair, it keeps the hair natural and healthy shine. The hair is softer and fuller, can be curled easily.

    straight hair wig

                 Now, let me tell you some tips.

                 1. Vertical curl


This kind of vertical curling is the most common and convenient way to curl hair. The tool used is a instyler with a small clip on the side. When curling hair, put the middle part of the hair between the clip and the instyler, wrap the end of the hair around the instyler. Then clamp it, turn the instyler in the direction, and put the middle part to the outside of the instyler of the hair at the root part. This kind of curling is the best one to master, because both sides of the hair will be heated.

                 2. Horizontal curl


Because it uses a instyler to hold the end of the hair first, and then rotate the instyler to the direction of the root of the hair, so the heat of the end of the hair will be more than the middle part and the root of the hair. If your hair does not reach the shoulder, you can try this method to make the whole hair into a triangle. The more obvious the curl is, the larger the arc is, and it looks lovely.

                   3. Thread curl


This style is totally different from the above. This method is to twist the hair a little with your fingers and then on the instyler. Because the hair rotates in circles when heated, the effect is the shape of the thread. This kind of curly hair is very suitable for people with super long hair or little hair.

If you have any interests in wigs, please come and have a look!

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