How To Maintain Curly Hair Lace Wigs For Longevity?

    Do you suffer from dry curly hair that is frizzy? Curly hair is effortless to get tangles. And we will always get shedding due to these tangles. Thus, the service life of the curly hair lace wigs will shorten. Generally speaking, curly hair lace wigs require a higher level of maintenance, so if you are new to expand this style may not work for you. But if you genuinely love it, keep on reading. UWigs will share with you how to take care of curly wigs for a long span.

UWigs curly hair wigs

Tips 1: Water is your friend

    Curly hair tends to be drier than straight hair, so curly hair loves water and needs water! As we all know, curly hair forms better with water, and it's almost the same as your natural hair, so what we need to do is take care of the human hair lace wig like we treat our natural hair, unless you don't know how to take care of your natural hair. 

    When the curly hair looks too bushy, definitely use water to revive the curls. Put a little bit of leave-in conditioner in the water and spray it to the curly hair with a spray bottle; it will have soft earning qualities. But don't put a lot of conditioner in the water because it makes the hair very sticky.

Tips 2: Seal in the liquid

    Don't forget to seal in the water once have moisture the curly hair lace wig. The method we used to lock in the water for human hair curly lace wig is similar to the lock method that we use for our natural hair, use the liquid at first and then put the cream or serum to seal the moisture. These products will moisturize the hair while also making it look shiny. 

Tips 3: Finger combing > comb teeth

    When the curly lace wig gets tangled, we highly recommend using your fingers to comb through the curly hair at first, and then use a brush or a wide teeth comb; it depends on what look you're trying to achieve. Using your fingers is the best combing method, mainly because your fingers won't be rough on the hair, your fingers won't tag on the hair and sort of damage it.

Tips 4: Comb from the bottom to the roots

    No matter what kind of hair it is, and whether you're using your fingers or a comb, always comb from the bottom. Generally, come from the bottom to avoid unnecessary hair loss and unnecessary damage to your hair. If you start from the bottom and detangle from the bottom, you will meet fewer knots; this is a detangling method. So when combing the curly hair lace wig, practice coming from the bottom instead of the top because it makes the longevity of your human hair lace wigs.

Tips 5: Co-wash the curly hair lace wig

    Co-wash is just like a deep conditioning wash, so we could use a regular conditioner and leave it on for longer than what the bottle instructions say, even leave it on overnight. Which is depends on the extent of damage to the hair. Co-wash is helpful to fix the damaged hair; after co-washing, the curly hair will be back to soft and then be able to hold moisture again. 

    So that's all tips that would help you maintain the curly hair lace wig for longevity. UWigs hope you all found the information helpful, and if you have any other questions on human hair lace wig, please contact us. UWigs offers high-quality curly hair lace wig, which can last 1-2 years with proper maintenance. 

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