How to know if your wig fits properly?

    Hey, beauties, this is UWigs. Knowing if your wig fits properly is essential to your daily levels of comfort and confidence. However, do you know if your wig fits properly? This blog will share some tips to help you know if your wig fits you properly.

How to know if your wig fits properly|UWigs

    These tips will help you figure out what size of wig you need. The fit of your wig depends on the circumference of your head from the nape to the hairline. Use a soft measuring tape to determine your exact size. It's a petite size if your head measures 20 to 21.5 inches. A head measures 21.5 to 22.5 inches is an average size. And a large size head measures 22.5 to 23 inches.

    After your size is determined and you've ordered your favorite human hair lace wig. When you put the wig on, you can see in person if this human hair wig is perfect for your head.

    Your wig size is too small if it slides back on your head, revealing your scalp or hairline. The lace front rolls under, and the wig feels very tight at the temples, or like it's pulling on your bio hair. The monofilament crown on some pieces sticks up like a point on top of the head.

    Your wig is too big if it slides around when you move your head. Besides, if you can see your bio hair through the gaps, the ear tabs create. The lace wrinkles or buckles at the front. Remember to use your adjustment straps for minor adjustments. If those don't resize your wig accordingly, ordering a more accurate size wig will give you the best results.

    Thanks for reading. UWigs provides cheap human hair wigs in different sizes. No matter what head size you are, you can find the right size wig at

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